So much pressure of prepping all the staple Thanksgiving dishes, can not forget …

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So much pressure of prepping all the staple Thanksgiving dishes, can not forget to make some fun drinks! I usually prefer something that I can sip on most of the day. After getting the turkey in the oven, I will then prep my favorite Sangria recipe in a drink dispenser jar. Also sharing this fun, festive Apple Cider Margarita that pairs perfectly with dessert!
Sangria Ingredients:
1 Honeycrisp Apple, sliced
1 Naval Orange, sliced
1/2 C. Cranberries
3-5 Sticks of Cinnamon
3-8 Star Anise
2 – 750ML Bottles Pinot Grigio
1 Bottle Sparking Apple Cider
Sangria Directions:
1. Slice all the fruits and place in jar or pitcher. Add in the cinnamon sticks & star anise. This can be prepped and set aside on the counter until ready to add wine. I prefer to mix it all at once and allow to sit for a few hours.
2. Add 1 bottle of wine, then sparking apple cider. Taste test when adding the 2nd bottle of wine for your preference.
3. Be sure to have a spoon available when serving to easily add in the fruit in each glass.
Apple Cider Margarita Ingredients:
1-2 Shots of Pure Agave White Tequila
3 oz. Fresh Apple Cider
1.5 oz. Lime Juice
Ice Cubes
Cinnamon, Sugar, Kosher Salt – to taste
Apple Slices, cinnamon sticks
Apple Cider Margarita Directions:
1. Rim your glass by first coating in a layer of Carmel. Mix together equal parts of cinnamon, sugar, & kosher salt. Dip the Carmel rim into this mixture as well.
2. In a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes, tequila, apple cider, and lime juice. Shake for a few seconds until well combined.
3. Pour into your rimmed glass and top with an apple slice & cinnamon stick.

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