PCOS update….Today I came home from being out of town to a letter from my Endo…

Family Meals

PCOS update….Today I came home from being out of town to a letter from my Endocrinologist….immediately a very scary memory crossed my mind…7 years ago around this exact time of the year, I was a college freshman home for the holidays enjoying being with family on a much needed long break. Just days of being home and ready to have a very relaxing month off of school, a letter came in the mail…it was from my Endocrinologist with my blood test results. The words on the page just blurred and didn’t make sense, except for the words, you are pre-diabetic. There were lots of tears, confusion of what I did and how, and why me?!? The ing weeks at home were spent meeting with a nutritionist to get a plan in place and frequent visits to my Dr. to understand the whole pricking my finger thing many times a day. (This 2nd pic is just a week or so before receiving the letter) Fortunately, I was in a health class the ing semester and had a very awesome new best friend that helped keep me company & accountable with healthier choices in the dinning hall and going to the gym several times a week. By the start of the next semester, I had a totally different lifestyle and lost over 25lbs with a lot of hard work! I felt amazing!!! (Third pic shows my transformation) Years since, I have come close to being pre-diabetic again once. I always have a fear that this may happen again, when I least expect it to and I feared that time might have been now with not being able to exercise as much lately. This letter that I was fearful to open tonight, actually had some encouraging words from my Dr. that what I’m doing is working! It’s not always about the exercise, but all about what you are doing in the kitchen. I have found such a love for cooking from trying new recipes and getting creative with substitutions for some of my all-time favorite recipes. This journey of mine has by no means been linear, each point has taught me a very valuable lesson in life. PCOS can really suck sometimes, but I will not let it bring me down, I am PCOS Strong!

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