NERGY Cup had some fun adventures this week!! Enjoying some favorite fall activi…

Family Meals

NERGY Cup had some fun adventures this week!! Enjoying some favorite fall activities of wine tasting & pumpkin patch, riding along to different places I travel around town for work meetings, visiting my previous co-workers at In Motion, and of course beach adventures! Being awarded this cup this week could not have come at a better time to keep more motivated! I have not been able to run in over 4 weeks due to a mysterious knee injury and it is so tough!! Keeping positive and focusing on the things my body can do!!
In 2 years, I went from “I hate running” and avoiding it at all costs to a half marathoner x SIX!! I ran my first half marathon just seven months after starting to run (Shamrock 2017 too 🤣). My sister is my biggest inspiration, motivator, and truth-talker! Where I am today has a LOT to do with her getting me to just go out for a run one day! Her first half marathon was mine. We have had some epic experiences running races together. I am so incredibly thankful for her!
I had a rocky start with NERC. I first showed up on Global Run day in June 2017. I did not return to a run until March 2018. I didn’t think I fit in with the runners. Man, was I SO, SO wrong! Since consistently showing up since March, I have been absolutely blown away by the support and motivation! The voices saying words of encouragement passing-by, the high-fives when finishing a tough run, and the sense of community showing up for constant support! I have met some amazing, badass fellow runners! I have been completely shocked after a Tuesday run with NERC of some major PRs I hit, that I never thought possible for myself! And of course the unbelievable support from Barry, Jeremy, and Mike always looking out and offering super motivating words of encouragement!
Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and being a part of my favorite day of the week!!! I will be back to running very soon (hopefully🤞), for now, can catch me walking or maybe slowly jogging soon and cheering at all the races (watch out for more hilarious race signs)!

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