{do not allow the opinions of others determine who you are and what you want. Lo…

Family Meals

{do not allow the opinions of others determine who you are and what you want. Losing yourself in the opinions of others is easy, but makes it much harder to find yourself again} topic of the week struck something in me…Other people’s opinions! This effects so many things, especially with social media…written comments, or the lack of a ‘like’, posts that you somehow find a way to apply to yourself, or gossip between others, or the not so common words to your face, and worse…opinions of those that you value so deeply. I have been so guilty of this and let it cause anxiety that is absolutely not necessary, but it hurts…especially when it’s from someone whose opinion really matters. I am a dreamer. I have so many goals I have set for myself & sometimes those aren’t shared, because I have heard the negative opinions too often. BUT I am incredibly lucky to have surrounded myself with incredible community around me that never bat an eye when I voice some of the crazy aspirations I have. Some I may not have achieved yet, some I can still not believe I have achieved. Getting to where I am today has been hard not always listening to the opinions of others that don’t completely know me and that’s okay. I have set a recent goal to rid of the negativity in my life as much as possible and focus my energy on the positive. I now know exactly who in my life I can share these crazy dreams with and will support me 100% & push me to get there, but I also know those same people will give me the perspective I can’t see myself in order to make me the best version of me and I am absolutely so grateful to have those people in my life ❤️

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